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(Artistical name for Rosângela Nowitschenko, Brazilian multimedia artist) She was born in Lages/SC, Brazil, and nowadays she lives and works in Curitiba/ PR, Brazil. She works with painting, music, drawing, photography, digital art, poetry and performance..


foto by José Estevam Gava


Rosae Novichenko works with art since childhood, involved with music, drawing, drama and literature. In adolescence she became a professional musician, engaged in playing several instruments, but concentrating in piano and violin. She played violin in orchestras and produced solo works. She graduated in piano by the Palestrina Conservatory of Music (city of Porto Alegre, Brasil). Simultaneously, she studied composition and regency at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, produced sound tracks for theater and cinema and numerous other musical compositions.


Singing, poetry, dance, cinema, art therapy, artistic and cultural projects and fine arts also were and continue being parts of her walk of life. Rosae is self-taught in the field of the fine arts, practicing and learning it since childhood. She discovered herself as a portraitist in 1985 and sculptor in 1994, but dedicates intensively to painting since 2000. By this period for the first time she took part in an art contest, creating the technique of nail polish on paper.


Then she won then a first prize and reproduced her piece of art in a 3x3m panel. There were many exhibitions, shows, competitions and other awards: many medals, a number of gold distinction awards and publications among them. With dozens of individual and collective exhibitions, she counts many works in public and private collections in Brazil and abroad. She represented Brazil at international biennials in Rome (2004) and Florence (2009); SNBA Salon, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (2009); Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art, New York (2010), Global Arts Project: The International Artists at Home and Abroad Exhibition Series, Broadway Gallery, New York (2010 and 2011). At the invitation of NY Arts Magazine is part of the select BEIJING NY ARTS COLLECTION 2011 VII International Florence Biennale, 2009; VIII International Florence Biennale 2011. Take part in major international publications such as INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MASTERS - USA; INTERNATIONAL MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY  - USA; IMPORTANT WORLD ARTISTS  - USA. ART IN AMERICA INTERNATIONAL GUIDE - USA; acquisitor ART - USA; INTERNATIONAL ART FAIRS NEWSPAPER - USA, NY ARTS MAGAZINE and others.

Important to highlight the cover and article in the catalog, special issue of International ArtTour with his work "Warrior": INTERNATIONAL BEST OF THE ARTS 2013, EUA - with international distribution and others. Please see more in pages "Award" and "International Ehxibitions"


In recent years, Rosae has been developing a kind of art which she calls “transcendentalism” both in painting and in music, which is a manifestation of art beyond art - an expression of the new millennium. 


Rosae, essentially creative artist, expresses by her works a fruitful experience of multiplicity and unity, merging her various artistic languages with a personal and unique style. 


Rosae is member of the State of São Paulo Fine Art Artists Union (SINAPESP) - Sao Paulo, Brazil; Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques (AIAP/UNESCO).


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