Painting - On Paper

This technique was created by Rosae Novichenko. The nail polish is unpublished as material of painting and is used by the artist since 2000. With her first work employing this new technique, a 30x21cm nail polish on paper called Indigenous eyesRosae won the competition Art Rescuing the History of Lages and was asked to reproduce and enlarge it to a 3x3m panel on the front wall of Lages Public Library, Santa Catarina, Brazil. The artist used automotive ink in order to obtain similar nuances of nail polish on paper technique.


(Rosae during the execution of the panel Indigenous eyes, work transformed into public property, LagesPublic Library, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Photography: Larissa Nowitschenko)

The following works have the same dimension of 30x21cm (vertical view) or 21x30cm (horizontal view). All of them are drawings made by mixed media on paper (graphite, nanquin and nail polish), some were made upon live models and some were made upon imaginary scenes.

The artist likes to portray acquaintances of her instead of using professional models. Several of these drawings were shown for the first time to the public during The Power of the Rose exhibition, São Paulo, Brazil. 

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