Arte ao invés da guerra: Vida e Criação ao Planeta Terra! (Rosae Novichenko)



Mergulhe-se no silêncio - para ouvir a música que canta a estrela mais distante.
Invoque-se solidão - para se sentir acompanhado de todas as criaturas que habitam todos universos.
Entregue-se a si mesmo - para gerar algo novo, materializar ideias e ideais, construir novos mundos.
Não há outro caminho, a não ser o caminho interior, o da própria luz.
(Rosae Novichenko)


O emprego do artista

Artista nasce para ser empregado do mundo.

Nem sempre recebe salário por seu trabalho, mas não é por isso que faz greve ou deixa de produzir.  

A arte é seu alimento, assim como se torna alimento para a alma daqueles que desfrutam da sua obra.

Alimento! Artista é um empregado do mundo, que produz  alimento para a alma do ser humano.

(Rosae Novichenko)





I search for the vision of the essence of all things, in myself and out of me. I search for the vision of the essence of art itself, and I come across the life itself. This way, in the search of a vision for the essence of all things, I come across a multidimensional universe in which art cannot manifest without having its own existence and life.

Acting like the handiest bridge between our material dimension and other dimensions, art is the easiest path and attests the existence of other worlds inside us, beyond the material barricade that surround us. My painting is fruit of the intimate proximity I’ve already had with music, composition as well as instrument practice, poetry, dance and drama, which have in their gestural movement their power of manifestation. This way my painting is born, thanks to a pure imagination, to a strong emotion, intuition and gestural action, in absolute concentration, control and engagement, simultaneously – in a single moment.

From this unity emerges spontaneously the movement of new universes and new forms of life. In this process I don’t need any other physical support, like photograph or computer, to compose my works, exception done to when I work with human figures. In this circumstance I use live models and traditional techniques.

I need to work on several collections at the same time in order to expand the focus of my vision, multiplying and integrating the different “choreographies” of each work. I always need something new emerging, in the same time I exercise the fierce discipline towards the continuity and conclusion of other works. I need my personal rite, being alone with art, in complete intimacy, feeling it as the Sacred. So, I cannot paint with people around. But just give me a blank canvas, some paint, or even a single color, music and solitude, and I’ll to a work. Art opens doorways to the very liberty when it expresses the potential of man creator, in the rescue of a lost unity. “We are one” – this is what I experiment when I inhale art. In this breathing, inhaling the creation of new universes inside me, I exhale the certainty of the creation of new universes outside me. I always search for art beyond art. Rosae Novichenko





The creation emerges from dark and abandoned places ... like a huge cosmic womb at night covered in steps without rhythm, moving chaotic and incomprehensible ...

The chaos, that complex order that goes beyond our rational understanding, but that is, above all, the absolute law of liberty ... is the prime nourishment of creation ... Yes, because there is no creation without freedom.

Creation is absolute chaos and it is unconditional surrender.

Could stars happen to be stored on shelves as immeasurable showcases?

Why do we need to fit ourselves to the arresting rules of this world?

Observe the Nature: does it happens to queue trees in a forest, separating species,

extinguishing species? Does the Nature catalogues species as "weeds"?

The creation cannot be prejudiced. The creation must not be destructive, but it wouldn’t be creation – it would be destruction.

Thus, the creation that generates life can only arise, indeed, from the fact of "being" in a vast intimacy with the Nature itself, and not outside it. 

So I think that art as creation has to be new life in this world of ours.

No more lockups, prejudices and estrangement between men and Universe.

Rosae Novichenko


Art is timeless.

When perishable, it becomes product.

Rosae Novichenko 




Now more than ever, art needs to meet the aspirations of human beings to transcend the material world, transcend their time and all the scum that lives the human race. Those who only reflected the aspirations of the concrete things showed the chaos and overcame the truth with falsehood. Now, break up with this paradigm! That the horizon be sought not outside but inside each one, because the human being has reached his limit, reached the limits of self-destructor experimentation. So, now one must rescue the essence, the truth and the permanence of what is pure and what's beautiful as creation. And that those who have the gift of art don’t craven, but act for a new dawn. (Rosae Novichenko)



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